Who Are We

Our Story

Great Lakes Cultivars began cultivating hemp with one goal in mind, producing the highest quality hemp with the consumer in mind. We chose the Great Lakes area as our premier hemp farm due to the rich soils and abundant water banks making the land very rich for cultivation. With years of research and experience, we’re confident that our hemp is of the highest quality.

Why We Love Michigan

Great Lakes Strong

Michigan is surrounded by the 5 Great Lakes: Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Ontario, and Lake Superior. The Great Lakes contain up to 20% of the world’s surface freshwater. This makes the soil rich and prime for hemp farming. We strive to reinstate the nutrients back into the land rather than just take from it. Learn more about our farming ethics.





The U.S. Hemp Authority™ Certification Program is our industry’s initiative to provide high standards, best practices and self-regulation, giving confidence to consumers and law enforcement that hemp products are safe, and legal. We’re proud to be U.S. Hemp Authority™ Certified in an effort to provide our customers the highest-quality hemp and customer service.

because what we do to our farms matter

Our Farming Ethics

Modern-day practices for Agriculture are doing more harm than good to our soils. This is why we hold high standards for our farming ethics.

Regenerative Farming

We use methods such as no-till and cover cropping to maintain the land and reinstate essential nutrients back into the soil.

Water Conservation

We are taking action to ensure our farms are utilizing innovative practices to help conserve water, including “drip irrigation.”

Contaminant Free

Our hemp is grown the way nature intended it, free of pesticides, herbicides, and water treatment contamination.

Farming & Drying Services

GLC Today

We currently have the capacity for 25,000 lbs of drying per day. We also offer logistic services, such as storage, for pre & post drying.

The Future of GLC Services

2020 Expansion

Great Lakes Cultivars hemp trees

Our capacity will expand to 250,000 lbs of hemp drying/day, and utilizing a temperature & humidity controlled cGMP facility.

Strategic Partnerships


We are creating strategic partnerships within the hemp industry with processing facilities, extracting labs, seed suppliers, and farming services.

The Great Lakes Difference

100% Organic Farming Process

Our hemp is grown free of pesticides, herbicides, and water treatment contamination.

Full Lot Tracing

Our farm has complete lot tracing with lot numbers and authentication.

230 Acres in Northwest Michigan

Our 230 acres in Michigan are farmed along the Great Lakes, one of the world’s largest destinations for freshwater.

Climate Control Storage

Our hemp is stored in a climate controlled facility to ensure the finest of quality.

Moisture Content below 15%

Moisture content needs to be limited with hemp, and that’s why we store ours at below 15% to ensure a quality product.

Regular and Super Sacks Available

We package our hemp in both regular and super sized sacks for flexible purchasing options.

Industrial Drying

With our industrial drying we minimize the loss of product to a minimum.

THC Within Regulatory Standards

Great Lakes Cultivars Hemp is grown with little to no trace amounts of THC – specifically 0 – .3%.


We’re proud to be U.S. Hemp Authority™ Certified in an effort to provide our customers the highest-quality hemp and customer service.